Ardent- Dame I With Lolly Lace

Well guys after submitting the post about ardent dame poses, i sadly had to redo it, if you didnt see the previous post check it out here >

So Today was a frustrating day, not having a good internet connection to resubmit this post, so i got in touch with lolly about me needing to like cry or something because there was no way these poses were going to fit me due to me have a fat ass or something and it didnt matter how many times i changed my avi i was just growing fugly….And all she needed to say to me was ‘You got this’ she hopped over to my sim to give a girl a hand with the poses and honestly girl you are one lifesaver…….and i love chu!

Lolly has been a supporter, a friend and some i care about like hugely, this girl is simply irresistable and irreplaceable, Check her blog out >Lolly Lace Blog

So deciding to just rock the top and panties look, she and i rocked this as a dual team, me just making her look pretty, but girl you have no idea how beautiful you are.

Check out my resubmission of this amazing ardent pose set- Dame I at the Chapter Four event Feb. 4-28.

Ardent- Dame I.jpg

i have so much to thank and owe lolly that this is beyond half how she is a amazing women and beleiver….*Huggies ya face*

Peace out Guys and gals, Have a awesome Week!

Love ya all

Hayyz xox


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