AVALE Katy – FATPACK (Maitreya)

So guys At cosmopolitan we have the brand new release from Avale, my brand new sponsor, released a very pretty summery mood dress ideal for any creative mind, comes with several designs but all sold seperately or via fatpack, i love these because no matter which one i put on i could come up with an idea of a scene for it and normally i go blank when it comes to scenes but this one i sure as hell didn’t, Go me!

So got lots to show you guys, but first off my Main picture for this amazing item! Here goes! Avale- Katy With Moss and Mink combo.jpg

So me being me, a shopperholic i decided to head down to the amazing Moss & Mink Store and kinda ramsack her store with beautiful things including this really nice desk that can be found at Equal10, Comes in Black and Pink!…..i know right! So im wearing the lovely Owl Dress by Avale @ (Cosmo) and heels by Moda also one of my long time sponsors! Credits will be below!

Outfit: Avale Katy- Owl @ Cosmopolitan Event


Desk: {moss&mink} Mya Desk (Pink) @ Equal10 Event

Chair: {moss&mink} Nora chair @ Equal10 Event

Plant: {moss&mink} Plant – Ficus (White) @ Moss & Mink Mainstore

Desk items: Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice @ A+ Event

My Post (1).jpg
Avale: Katy Fatpack colour(S) @ Cosmopolitan

So as well the dress, shoes and the right decor i had to find the right makeup options and my amazing sponsor MJN just returned back from vacation and guess what shes done an amazing set of Vixen Eye liners that i think your love with a hint of colour, go check her out on Marketplace {MJN Cosmetics}, Here are the close ups of the amazing Vixen Liners

My Post.jpg
MJN-Vixen Liner available on Marketplace

So to conclude this blog, i have a headshot and close up of the item i work in the above photo for more detail, dont forget to check out the stores (Links Below) and thank you for your continued support, Thank you to Moss & Mink for the amazing decor, to my Sponsors Thank you for beleiving in me and supporting me!

Moss & Mink: Moss & Mink Store

MJN: MJN Store

Moda: MODA Store

Avale: AVALE Store

Avale- Katy Cosmo.jpg

Here are some Shots of the amazing decor, go grab yours while you can! Dont miss out!

Find all HD Images – https://www.flickr.com/photos/hayyzphotographyedits/?

See you tomorow guys in the next Blog!




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