Ardent Poses- Gent I…With Adam Lavell

So Adam big shout out to you my amazing friend, of whom i had the pleasure of getting to know through his love of photography and his amazing #AdamsPhotochallenge, im such a lucky girl to have a supporting and kind friend like adam who does so much for others not just through his challenges but through his kind generosity and kindness, if your not friends with, then your defo missing out.

So with much consideration i asked the legend if he would love to feature in the new set of male single poses by ardent and of course he agreed, with just telling him what to wear he had it down to a tee, a perfect gent in a perfect gents suit….slick and stylish, while taking the images i decided to do a close up shot of him also in his very designer suit….he couldnt beleive i was a man u supporter either, i was quite surrpised he didnt bannish me or told me where to stick it, after much deliberation i decided to reconsider and said i would transgress to being a gunner fan…even though i dont watch the bloody football.. (what have i got myself in for) so releasing i was shooting his face more then i was shooting the pose itself he tped off to ‘Work afk’ when i missed one damn pose….what a twerp i was but he defo has patience like a saint.

Adam heres to you for being an amazing friend, supporter of everything i do and of course being super reem! (essex girl slang) you wont get it if your not british!.

Adam Lavell.jpg

Adam your a inspiration to many but a inspiration to me,  keep up the good work!

Where was i…..kinda giving him all the credit, so here goes guys, the brand new Gent I pose set by Ardent poses can be found >> The Chapter Four – Feb. 4-28.

Gent i- Ardent Poses & More.jpg

Dont he look just dappa in that suit…….

Till Next blog > coming shortly

Take care guys

Hayyz xox

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