HeavenlyCollab – Evie Sonata & Hayyz


Big thank you to the gorgeous Evie for wanting to collab with me, we have known each other a long time, and this was long overdue…..we decided to do something spring themed, and as you know i have a thing for the amazing little branch flowers…me and evie are like sunflowers and daisies… the soul of flowers for spring time.
so its been a long time since i did a proper collab with someone else and really love exploring with other bloggers/photographers, If your intrested in collabing with me just drop me a message….im pretty flexible ♥
Check out this spring inspired picture done by myself with the lovely Evie ♥ And be sure to drop her a follow and support on her blog and flickr shes like amazeballs, She will have her very own picture to show.

Love you all guys
Hayyz Heavenly

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