LOTD #370 ‘Break My Trust’

Sponsors: Glam Affair & MuggleBorn
Featuring: DAPPADOUXMaitreyaLelutkaEvaniSwallow Second LifeGLUTZ – Addams – Pretty Events – Equal10

So over the last couple of days i’ve been feeling rather down, dark and i just cant seem to shake it but it gave me an idea with this brand new main release from Glam Affair, This set of skins with special affects like undereye circles, veins just really topped this post over the edge. Mostly i don’t talk about my problems…but writing them helps me in some sort of weird way.
So ever had that one friend, you’d do alot for, support and just help guide and talk through there problems, to then being ghosted on all social media by them, saying they want time to figure themselves out……3 weeks of me trying to be supportive just makes me feel like ive been walked all over, and this is a repeatative thing that happens to me, i have a big heart and people just abuse it…..and it hurts. I don’t know what hurts most is they left for a month or they left knowing id see there profile and realise im just another person they could use, especially when you share specific things with them in rl, Anyway only one way to break this cycle is to move on…..and it will hurt for a while but its better than breaking my trust in the wrong people.
Check out all the amazing credits for this blog, hope your all staying safe and well…and i promise there will be a collab soon.

Skin tones for this amazing skin are just to die for, brand new main release at glam affair, make sure you demo before and check out the new range of Heaux skins too…..

Shoes: Addams // Zoe Combat Platform Short Boots // Maitreya @Addams Mainstore
Jeans: EVANI – SISILE JEANS RIPPED [Black] Maitreya @Evani Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Chill Hairstyle [M] @Level Event
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ears @Swallow Mainstore
Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0 @Lelutka Mainstore
Collar: glutz . pricked collar @Glutz Mainstore
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3 @Maitreya Mainstore
Nails: #SHOOK – Long Stiletto Maitreya @#Shook Mainstore
Wicca Set: +MuggleBorn+ Wicca Amulet Set[Maitreya] @Pretty Event
Top: EVANI – SANTA top [BLACK] Maitreya @Evani Mainstore
Skin: [Glam Affair] Jezebel Skin [Lelutka EvoX] (sand) @Glam Affair Mainstore
Tattoo: DAPPA – Caila Tattoo. @Equal10 Event
Till the next one guys ♥
Love you all

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