And The Lived Happily Ever After…

Matrix and Eden Grello~ Joining in marriage

So here to my amazing fans and supporters all over the world and in world in second life, i would love to share with you one of the amazing highlights of my photography career within SL and i was blessed to apart of my very first SL Wedding since joining the game and it was a real commitment to myself and to the future of my photography skills and two special people i happened to get to meet were tying the knot to seal there love for one another, the joining of hands and promising to be there for eternity…..

The moment hearing the beautiful Vows of one another literally made me cry in happiness and joy, the love, the bond between the two was inseparable… Eden and Matrix where joined by family and friends in a beautiful hand created wedding sim that was decorated with purple,red and white items all slick and beautiful all done by the lovely Eden……it was a fairytale wedding and the whole overlook of it was incredible, the thought, the attention to detail was amazing.

It was a complete honour to be involved in there very special day and in there lives….. on behalf of Hayyz Photography and Edits, I would personally like to Congratulate the Bride and Groom and share this with amazing love and passion…thank you for coming into my life and letting me apart of your lives..

Please see Below Links to the amazing Photography and Video recording of there special day:





Till Next time Guys

Love you all

Hayyz Resident




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