New Year, New Resolutions & New Blog!

So guys, welcome to my very first ever Blog of the year 2018, I haven’t done any blogging for about 6 years but now im back on the saddle and wanted to share with all my amazing Fans, Friends and Family in Second Life….The development of my Photography skills and the talents ive accomplished over the year and a bit of being in SL.

So as you all know Through my FB and Flickr: (Please feel free to follow me and support me and get in touch on what you think of the wonders of my work)

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So Recently I’ve been going through a family trauma and the way to express this is through my photography and works of art, deep down it connects to my soul and i just love being able to take pictures of people and be in my element.

So the Idea of this blog is to get in touch with you amazing people and get your amazing support, share with you my thoughts on photography, DJing, editing and all kinds of stuff including FASHION! Because im a definite hoarder of clothes in SL…so Starting this New year im bringing something back to my amazing Fans & amazing people who I have in my life right now.

Please leave your comments and feel free to get in touch as im interested in your feedback and welcoming comments and if you haven’t already followed me on FB or Flickr then do get in touch.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year 2017

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