LOTD #711 ‘Happy New Year’

Sponsors: Glam Affair – Tear By Ivy Venus Tear
Featuring: Cosmic DustDAZEDFAKEICONLelutka – MONA – Truth HaireBody – Amitie – DRD – The Bearded GuyFoxcity – Disorderly

So im so thankful for 2023, The Year i turned 30 Years old, Made New friendships and gained some olds ones, They said getting old was easy! Raise your glasses to 2023!

To all my amazing supporters @DJHAYYZ & Twitch Fam. To everyone Exhale Dance Club 3.0 & BRM Radio – Thank you for an amazing year of Awesome sets filled with music & Entertainment- Cannot wait to see you all in the 2024!!!

Big thank you to the team behind Pride At HomeTink Hax & Coral Lacey For not only having me take part in some amazing events for pride but also having me on the Miss Chelsea Team- Its such an honour, Bring on 2024, cannot wait for whats instore – wishing you an amazing New Year the pair of you!

To Princess Evergarden & Cole Evergarden – You guys have been the rock many times, have always been amazing supporters not just through the brand Adora-tions but also just being there, I couldnt of asked more from two amazing human beings in this world, You both in my Heart Forevers!

To all my amazing sponsors, Heaux – Miss Chelsea – Figure 8 – Glam Affair – Tentacio – Tear and Extra Poses. Thank you all for your amazing content in 2023, Your support towards me and my Blog over the past year has been incredible.

There are just so many other things i want to say but to all those i missed, Thank you for being apart of my 2023 Journey – i cannot wait for 2024 with you all – Love each and everyone of you.

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Can’t Wait to see you all in 2024! Love you all

Hayyz Heavenly








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