LOTD #263 ‘Bunny Buisness’

Featuring: {anc}, Half-Deer, Ariskea, Aphrodite Shop

Its nearly time for the bunnies to take over the world, and the eggs to hidden as its nearly EASTER! meaning 1 thing Its nearly my RL birthday ♥

Now for the record i dont normally do scenic views for blogs but ive been feeling it quite alot recently, and as well as learning mesh im learning on my own back the different ways to set up scenes, i mean the list is endless for me anyway i hope you like it as much as i do because those bunnies are being mischievious again!


Fence: {anc} antique fence (1) {cream} 1Li @Anc Mainstore
Stall: {anc} antique stall 8Li (gray) @Anc Mainstore
Lawn: {anc} “wind”lawn {light green} @Anc Mainstore
Field plants: {anc}”Narcissus” field 2Li (yellow x orange) @Anc Mainstore
White Flowers: {anc} “baby’s breash”{white} mesh 1Li @Anc Mainstore
Macarons: {anc} macaroons 3Li  @Anc Mainstore
Chocolate Macaroons Stand:{anc} chocolate macaroons 4Li @Anc Mainstore
Books: {anc} garden. pinkbook 4Li @Anc Mainstore
Bunnies: {anc} cotton bunny. sugar [G] 1Li @Anc Mainstore

Table: +Half-Deer+ Garden Party Table w/ Tablecloth @+HalfDeer+ Mainstore
Chairs: +Half-Deer+ Garden Party Chair (Lace) @+HalfDeer+ Mainstore

Basket Plant: Ariskea[Bambi] Hanging Basket Plant [1] @Ariskea Mainstore
Vase: Ariskea[Florist] Decay Vase Ivory-(Gacha) @Ariskea Mainstore

Easter board (2): Aphrodite Easter board 2 @ Aphrodite Mainstore
Easter board (1): Aphrodite Easter board 1 @ Aphrodite Mainstore

Thanks everyone

Love you

Stay safe

Hayyz Heavenly

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