LOTD #234 ‘Touchy Touchy!

So before i tell you anything about this post, im going to start thanking the lovely Dutchie Heavenly for putting up with my craziness half the time, hes a diamond and im blessed to say i love him to bits….Dutchie your a fighter, your an amazing Human being and blessed to call you my family, a friend and someone i can appreciate
So over the last couple of months ive been hanging out with some of my amazing supporting SL  family, and most weekends i go on conference call with a bunch of Nutters, but secretly i am the nutter from the uk! and 1 person who stands out and amazes me everytime i talk to is my lovely Dutchie, over the last two weeks ive reached out to him as a friend, someone i care for alot because of something happening to him, and im blessed at how close weve become, his laugh makes you laugh, his smile can be heard from like across the globe, like ive never laughed and smiled so much in my life as much as i do when i hear
or see him and you never guess what were both April Baby’s- Freaking Aries….we totally rock Just saying….
I’m thankful for who he is everyday, being the kind, caring and supportive person he is, i was able to sneak this amazing blog post from him, Besides being in my crazy life, hes also an amazing DJ and DJ’S all over the Grid, i will give you some places and times of where he DJ’s so you can go perv him up….So dutchie thank you for being you, thank your for sticking with me and my crazyness and i hope we grow together through all the hardtimes….. you legend ♥ ohhh and btw if you didnt know Hes Dutch and his accent its Cute #Your welcome
As well naming this blog was easy for me, alot of people call him DJ Touchy Dutchie, and its a name that totally matches his personality, his temprement and his character…..Take a peak at his DJ Schedule below..
12-2pm (slt) – @ Bad Girl Stripclub
4-5pm (slt)- @151 Club
12-2pm (slt)- @Club Exhale
Even more at clan parties and fill in sets, so plenty of chance to grab him, and…. he loves the number 69! 
His favourate tune right now is – Alok & Dynoro – ON & ON
Sponsor: The Bearded Guy @ Man Cave Event
Featuring: Minimal
So The bearded guy totally did justice on this amazing Gacha set for DJ’s, there is everything you could possibly think off, i totally wanted to blog this because being a dj, supporting other djs too is a passion, and i come from a secondlife family full of DJ’s…. what appealed to me is this set can be used everywhere, no matter where you are, if your setting up a club or just fancy having a play around in your living room with some dj decks…..being a dj is amazing, ive always loved dj, even since i started my own radio station and to this very day i havent given up, i will show you a lovely shot modelled by Dutchie and Scene image for the backdrops ect….which i think your love ♥
with this gacha set, you can change specific items to match your club scene, neon colours, the DJ Decks which feature as a Rare item is also changeable! you get a box come up when you click it to change the colour…..I love the colour purple! Check out the Club scene i did to make this picture
Thank you so much for checking this out, go check out DJ Touchy Dutchie at his sets and if you loved this blog post, share with your friends and family right now…dont let them miss out ♥
More to come soon i promise
Love you all
Hayyz Heavenly

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