LOTD #185 ‘A Blessing’

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A blessing…

So guys this post has been long awaited since the last few days, and not only is a special post but also a special Collab with the simply amazing Pickle Aka my tickle pickle sidekick, shes been such a huge help over the last year or so and every Collab we do together it brings us specially closer, and not only has she been a rock but ive also done my best to support her in ways which I can, Now beyond pickle being special shes also had her ear open to any issues ive had and been there to listen and not judge, shes really truly special to me and words cannot express how much I love and adore this human! (freaking a lot btw!) but I dont want to get alittle someone all mushy. This Collab was a very special blog, because no matter we walk together in this life, the bond of friendship¬† with each other is unbreakable and this post really did touch me, because I will always guide my hand with hers through everything… Literally!

You know that feeling you done a Collab together with someone and you forget what your even wearing well I did that and im normally organised but I guess that’s a thing pickle always brings out in me whenever we hang together, we might only be standing around standing butt naked but shes fucking worth it, I know shes very passionate, but she always loves to concentrate! This is why shes simply irreplaceable….

Go check out Pickles version and her amazing blog! Simply elegant like her <3

Pickles Blog & Pickles Version

so lesson of the day for me is value what you have got in your life, friendships, loved ones because we take for granted the ones we do have, Chin up and be happy and make someone special today, even just telling them you love them…. Because tomorrow is not promised!¬†

Be beautiful, Stay Beautiful!

Love you all


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