LOTD #Special ‘Broken String’

Sponsor: Avale By Amara Myoo
Featuring: SamPoses
Quote: “I’d be smiling and chatting away, and my mind would be floating around somewhere else, like a balloon with a broken string.”
Want to say a massive thank you to Johanna Rolink for creating some amazing poses, *Boobhugs*
So this post ive been holding off for a couple of days because its been an emotional time RL and SL and ive not really known where to go or what to do and its hard making a decision that affects not only you but others too. So this is me telling a story about how I feel and have you ever felt so alone that you feel like your drifting in the wind like a balloon with a broken string no one there to pull you back and tie you to them.
This blog post features two out of the set of poses from Samposes and can be found at SamPoses Mainstore
First Image: 
SamPoses -Balloon.jpg
Dress im wearing is from my amazing Sponsor Avale by Amara Myoo,Dress is called {Gina} this comes in a range of colours and different body types and can be found at Cosmopolitan Event
Image 2:
SamPoses -Balloon (1).jpg
I love this scene but ive felt lost for along time, ”someone come save me from floating away”
Till the next one peeps
Hayyz Heavenly

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