That’s what memories are for!

So this is going to be an amazing post because it features the biggest ever Fucktard ever and his beautiful girl in this, Lath you little shit i will never ever forget the memories. So guys todays blog post is sponsored by the amazing Ardent Poses & More and two amazing people i call my amazeball friends, Lath and chelsea got to feature in this image because you know how i like to randomly ask people to model for well id asked but sadly due to timezones i held off and guess what if it wasnt for lath saying to me “When is the next blog post” i would of probs forgot…So cheers mate for reminding me.

So being british has its perks i guess and i met lath about a year ago, and been friends ever since, hes an amazing friend and supporter, you guys want to see a picture of our awesome faces here ya go….

lath N Hayyz

Lath is an amazing guy, and guess what he found his cinderella, or his Bonnie in chelsea, you guys are sooo freaking cute like mash potato i love it so much but want to thank you guys for helping me with this pose and that is why i love memories.

Ardent- Mine

Here you go guys awesome pose by Ardent poses and more called “Mine” can be found @¬†Ardent Mainstore & MP

Lath N Chels - Close Up

So lath and chelsea there is one thing i want to say and thats  i am so glad you guys found happiness in each other and i hope you make amazing memories.

I Luv Ya Faces, Mwahhh xxox

Hayyz Heavenly

British Photography extraordinaire


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