“God Is A Women!” #AdamsPhotoChallenge (subject: Music)

So guys heres alittle info on the amazing latest challenge by #AdamsPhotoChallenge

The theme for this challenge is Music.

Music can be so powerful. It can create many emotions, it can set the tone for any mood. Music can be used to escape, it can be used enhance a moment. Music can set the tone of a new beginning or it can be used to symbolise the end.

For this challenge I want you to incorparate music into your images.

The challenge is open to everyone!

Deadline for the challenge is Midnight SLT 7th April.

See the full rules in the comments section. Any questions, please do ask!

All the details of the challenge can be found here: www.flickr.com/photos/adam_lavell/40428896363?fbclid=IwAR1ZE90RTtKovoRyyIAHg3sJDPFz3nYs6RTI0BBIGUbczHEMOc6wE0zZj5A

So guys i bet your wanting to see what i came up with, well lately ive seen alot of SL Hair Creators use Ariana Grande as inspiration, and as she’s such an inspiring women, ive decided to recreat one scene from her “God Is a women!” Video on youtube, Ill show a snippet of the clip below and then follow by my creation which i might add freaking rocks! Hope you guys like it!


08a214b3-be81-4380-878a-a42afb2c4ff7.png www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHLHSlExFis%5B/caption%5D

Recreation for the awesome #ADAMSPHOTOCHALLENGE:

God Is a Women- Ariana Grande remake #AdamsPhotochallenge.jpg


  • Using Reve Obscura Prop from one of his amazing poses “The weight” of a globe, i use this to help me get an idea of my pose needed
  • Using Anypose, i was able to adjust the legs and top part of the body to the way i wanted for the image,
  • Referencing the image, i bought a similar dress called “Crop top dress”
  • Using a wide range of tools i inputted the image into photoshop and began working on it
  • Getting Photoshop brushes i was able to create cloud effects and storm affects as well as using the lightining settings to create a upward dark light as seen in the clip.
  • Making final touches with the Burn and dodge tool to hightlight areas for detail.

Hope you guys like this awesome post and why not give it a go and take part, check flickr out for more details above.


Love you all

Hayyz Heavenly





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