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So guys bring you two amazing items from the amazing Muggleborn, with loads of selections and styles your going to be blown away, but lots of info on these amazing products, be sure to go grab them while you can, So today inspired me to play with the colours Black and Yellow and today has been full of some amazing things…ill skip right to it but dont forget to check all the credits for more info..

Mavis TankTop & Julliet Leggings.jpg

So starting with a brand new pose by Reve Obscura- *!R.O!* Polar BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Snow, and what i did was change the colour of the texture of the snowflakes of course to Yellow, grab this pose > Reve Obscura Pose Store and featuring two amazing items from the lovely MuggleBorn my amazing Sponsor.

+MB+ Julliet Leggings & +MB+ Mavis TankTop – Yellow, comes with a range of colours and styles, below are some detailed close ups of the items…

+MB+ Mavis TankTop with Holes and styles – Female, bulge, lifted & Erect

MavisTanktop (Holes).jpg

+MB+ Mavis TankTop (SOLID)- Female, bulge, lifted & Erect

Mavis tank top.jpg

Available @ Spectrum event OPEN Feb 05 – 1pm SLT – Event Opens – Feb 25 –  Event Ends

Dont forget to drop down by the store and check out the some of the amazing collection from MuggleBorn –+MuggleBorn+ Mainstore

+MB+ Julliet Leggings- 

+MB+ Julliet Leggings {Bloggers}.jpg

Same as the tanktops, comes with 4 different styles to whichever you fancy, very slick shine to them, great style..

These can be found @+MuggleBorn+ Mainstore . Brand New Item instore, Go grab it while you can.


Outfit: Mavis TankTop & Julliet Leggings By+MuggleBorn+ Mainstore

Shoes: Phedora ~ Clelia Platforms (22 colors ) @Phedora Mainstore

Hair: DOUX – Mona hairstyle [BASIC PACK] @Doux Mainstore

Glasses: Petrovic Reader glasses w/resizer yellow @Petrovic-Reader-glasses- Marketplace

Tune:Wiz Khalifa- Black & Yellow

 Have a awesome week, i will see you soon!

Hayyz Heavenly

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