January……well urm Busy!

So guys wanted to wish you a late Happy new Year, been rather busy going back to rl work but decided to get in touch and show you what ive been up to this past two week, lot of blogging if you have followed me on Flickr your see all my work, for now ill get straight to the point, Blogging for Something new poses was a privilege and im super blessed with the poses, some amazing creations by ally and here this blog is about childhood memories.

Now i dont know if any of you peeps know about the space-hopper, the bouncy ball that you have handles with and you bounce on it, a childhood toy i used to play in the playground with, well ally is so creative that it came to her in a dream and decided to create it, ive always been amazed how to make poses and i give her full credit, here you go guys, picture this as you a child in a playground in nursery, definitely brings back memories

Thank you Ally xox

Something New Poses and Props Promo
SN Promo “Spacehopper”

Now i had so much fun that i will share the links to the pose and the groups Flickr, Group gift in store available now so grab it while you can!

STORE: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yawgoo/23/63/1201

spacehopper group gift for january instore nowgroup gift for january instore now 3group gift for january instore now 2group gift for january instore now 1

Got more releases on the way keep in touch and find me on fb right here >>>>>> www.facebook.com/hayley.drew.50

see you soon Hayyzy Fans!


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