Head Above Water!

So want to start with a Massive Thank you to the amazing Lolly Aka Pickle, who let me feature with her in a very special image, Lolly and I haven’t always seen eye to eye but we both have accepted our flaws and developed a connection, a connection something to be amazed off, she is not only an amazing friend to many but has some special abilities and skills including Photography, and she inspires me each and every day, adapting my skills and a perfect role model to others. So the idea was to share a collab with her, so if you have a few moments to check out her amazing show her that much needed support and love, she’s an incredible individual and Friend. 


Lolly’s Blog


Lolly’s FlickR

So we decided to do a a double take of the amazing shot, here is Lolly’s amazing Creation and a link to her amazing blog sharing with you some inspirational feelings.

As I look up-to Lolly for Inspiration and creativity, I’m showing you my amazing Photo of us too, getting in the festive spirit and i’m so thankful to her for letting me be involved, we’re passionate about Photography and we both share the passion, So girl this one is for you, continue to be yourself no matter what I wouldn’t have it any other way, keep your head held high, your passion alive and never give up what you love to do.

Here we Go! >>>

Sometimes in this world we need to have guidance and support from others and been a very personal person, I have difficulty reaching out to those and relying on others for help and everyday i continue to grow into myself and under the true qualities of being there for someone else, a little song to help you understand-

Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water!

Flickr Post: 

Featuring outfit:

Maitreya Lara @Maitreya Store

Catwa Catya @ Catwa Store

Hair By #Foxy- Teddy (Blondes) @ Kustom9

.:villena:. – Zip Trousers – Plaid Red @ Kustom9

.:villena:. – Zip Tube Top – Plaid Red @ Kustom9


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