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Before i start i want to say a big thank you to all my amazing Sponsors in Secondlife, Don’t forget to check them out 

Brand New Set of blogs coming your way Folks…and here is the first.

Hayyz ~ Joint Collab ~ Tiffany Designs & Moda Morgan Shoes

Estella Dress By ::Tiffany Designs::

Dress contains A set of Luxurious Jewelry~ Deka earrings, Bracelets and Necklace and a Fit mesh Shawl

Other Accompanying Items

Hair: #Foxy Mondaze
Shoes~ Moda Morgan with HUD
Location: Storybook ~
Make up~ MJN Summerdaze

With collab from the amazing MODA Shoes

See Flickr for HD Image and to follow me 

Estella Dress By :Tiffany Designs::

Thanks everyone 

Hayyz Heavenly 

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