Mythical Cinderella Serenity~ #AdamsPhotochallenge

Hayyz #lazy daze

So last month i heard everyone talking about this photo challenge and me being me, was Like “Oh wow” not being the most confident or most open about sharing my work with others but sharing my work on Flickr has its perks, So taking it in my stride i came across this amazingly talented friend called Adam, My papa and aunt angel said Hit him up and take part…So i Did….

July 2018~ Challenge was Lazy Daze (See above picture) beach summer scene, So entering into the challenge was a personal achievement not only for the contest but also for a confidence boost. I was super excited when i submitted my picture for the very first time but also take part in a Secondlife Worldwide contest amongst amazing artists and creators.

Showcasing my work was a blessing, at the end of the month Adam put on a presentation, a freaking amazing party for all the contestants and there works of art, It was a pleasure to engage with others who took part in this challenge and of course we was all super excited about the video, the release of all the pictures in one amazingly long video……Heres the Link:

Pressing that Play Button was amazing and then what hit me with a lot of emotion was the amazing Adam had selected my picture for the very first entry, I will forever be touched by that moment. My work wasnt just recognised adam but also fellow artists in secondlife, It’s such a great wide movement to support such amazing talent, That was the icing on the cake for me! 

This Month of august we have Mythical Serenity “Come what May!” which means come and visit the sim and allow your mind to be inspired by the amazing scenes

For those who want to take part~ deadline for entries is 19th August 2018

                Visit :

So to me the sim is full of photography and scenic views and decided to name my piece of work “Have you always wanted to be a princess, I have!” and i was inspired by Disney and mythical scenes collided together in one hit!

My mind captivated the thoughts of the scene and after spending 2 hours at the sim exploring and wandering around I decided to dress up as Cinderella, One little thing Secondlife Is what we make it and i had fun being a princess for the day! 

I want to thank the lovely Adam Lavell for organising this challenge and captivated artists together as one, a big thank you to the amazing creators of my amazing outfit and finally a big thank you to my amazing supporters


  • Adam Lavell: #AdamsPhotoChallenge Organiser
  • Rachiie Resident: Mythical Serenity Owner
  • Outfit:  *Lamu, :glutz:, Dappa, Foxcity, No.Match Hair, AdoreZ, Luas Alice
  • Location:

{promo} adams photo challenge

{Mythical Cinderella Serenity} Photo Challenge.jpg

Please see Final Shot work for the contest right here ~ HD Version via Flickr:

Please share with your friends and get involved

Thanks everyone

Hayyz Heavenly 

{Owner of Hayyz Heavenly Photography}


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